Time for a hair makover


It was time for a hair makeover and Jesse and Seama were the experts to take on the challenge. Summer is the best time to make any drastic changes to your hair. The sun is out and your skin has this fresh glow to it that you’re more open to change! When was your last hair makeover?

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If I could borrow clothes from anyone’s closet it would Kate Middleton! Her fashion sense makes my top five list and she is simplistic beauty gone oh-so right! My bday gift from my parents… LK Bennett heels! Just like Kate!

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Beauty on the Beach

These are just a few things I always take with me when I’m hanging out at the beach: Sunscreen SPF 50 is a MUST, Wella’s deep treatment mask, Face Place (face sunscreen), UNITE 7 seconds leave-in spray and Epicuren protein mist to keep my face feeling hydrated.

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